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Alabama | Koasati
Alternate forms: Alibamu, Coushatta
Language(s): English
Date: 1995, 1998, 1999
Genre: Reports
Extent: 35 pages
Description: The Alabama materials in the Phillips Fund collection consist of 2 items. Materials in this collection are listed alphabetically by last name of author. See materials listed under William L. Ramsey and Sheri Marie Shuck. The Ramsey materials consists of a report on archival research toward a doctoral thesis on the Yamasee war (10 p.); appendix of villages listed in "Relation de la Louisiane" (4 p.); appendix of materials copied from the South Caroliniana Library (20 p.). The Shuck materials consist of a report (1 p.) on research at archives in Austin, Texas, on the "cultural, social, political, and economic facets" of the Alabamas and Coushattas (Kousatis), including their relationships with colonizers.
Collection: Phillips Fund for Native American Research Collection (Mss.497.3.Am4)

Language(s): English
Date: 1941
Contributor: McDavid, Raven Ioor
Extent: 1 folder
Description: In Subcollection II, Series, I, see letter from Raven McDavid to Voegelin detailing Catawba fieldwork and reporting his impression of the language and community at that time.
Collection: C. F. Voegelin Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.68)

Catawba | Cherokee | Haudenosaunee | Seneca | Lenape | Shawnee
Alternate forms: Iroquois, Lenape
Language(s): English
Date: 1737-1751
Extent: 19 items
Description: Correspondence between James Logan, other royal and propriety officials, and various native groups regarding Indian affairs. Topics include Catawba relations with Cherokees, Six Nations, and other Indian groups; Catawba relations with various colonies; efforts to preserve peace among Britain's native allies; fears about effect of inter-Native warfare during King George's War; and efforts to arrange a peace treaty between the Catawbas and Six Nations. Individuals mentioned include Schermerhorn and Conrad Weiser.
Collection: Selections from the correspondence of the Honourable James Logan, 1699-1750 (Mss.B.L82)

Language(s): English | French
Date: 1755-1788
Extent: 9 items
Description: Letters between various correspondents regarding Indian affairs. Topics include French intrigues during Seven Years' War era; sale of liquor to Indians and consequent disorders; relations with western Indians and action needed by Congress of Confederation in early national period; ancient fortifications discovered at the junction of Muskingum and Ohio, as well as in Kentucky; South Carolina governor's bad management of Indian affairs; discovery of root which cures gout; land sales and grants; Indians' title to lands, implications of papal decrees and Quebec Act.
Collection: Benjamin Franklin Papers (Mss.B.F85)

Language(s): English
Date: 1998
Contributor: Martin, Judy Canty
Extent: 229 pages
Description: A detailed history of 5 Catawba families, primarily during the late-19th and 20th century, including genealogical information, family photographs, and copies of newspaper clippings.
Collection: Genealogy of the Western Catawba (Mss.SMs.Coll.26)

Language(s): English
Date: 1748-1759
Extent: 2 reels
Description: These concern James Glen, Governor of South Carolina from 1743 to 1756, and John Forbes, Colonel and later Brigadier General in the British Forces stationed in North America. There are references to South Carolina politics and government, Indian policy, the French and Indian War, and Forbes' expedition. From originals in the Dalhousie Muniments, Scottish Record Office, General Register House, Edinburgh.
Collection: Papers relating to America in the Dalhousie Muniments, 1748-1759 (Mss.Film.1231)

Catawba | Saponi
Alternate forms: Saponny
Language(s): English
Date: 1728
Extent: 1 volume
Description: A finished copy, probably earlier than the Westover manuscript, from which this varies slightly. Byrd interpolated into the narrative of his tour remarks on Indian customs, religion, warfare, trade, in addition to observations on his Saponi guides. Several pages added in 1817 in hand of Nicholas Trist. Printed (from Westover manuscript) in Boyd (1929). See also Woodfin (1944).
Collection: The history of the dividing line between Virginia and North Carolina (Mss.975.5.B99h)