Eastern North America materials, Benjamin Franklin Papers

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Collinson, Peter, 1694-1768 | Johnson, William, 1715-1774 | Pettit, Charles, 1736-1806 | Stiles, Ezra, 1727-1795 | Kent, Benjamin, 1708-1788 | Timothy, Peter, 1725?-1782 | La Rochefoucauld-d'Enville, Louis-Alexandre, duc de, 1743-1792 | Morgan, George, 1743-1810 | Bancroft, Edward, 1744-1821
United States--History--French and Indian War, 1754-1763 | Canada--History--To 1763 (New France) | Land transfers | Land claims | Medicine | Mounds | Kentucky--History | Québec (Province)--History | South Carolina--History
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Letters between various correspondents regarding Indian affairs. Topics include French intrigues during Seven Years' War era; sale of liquor to Indians and consequent disorders; relations with western Indians and action needed by Congress of Confederation in early national period; ancient fortifications discovered at the junction of Muskingum and Ohio, as well as in Kentucky; South Carolina governor's bad management of Indian affairs; discovery of root which cures gout; land sales and grants; Indians' title to lands, implications of papal decrees and Quebec Act.
Benjamin Franklin Papers Mss.B.F85