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A'wa'etłala | K'ómoks | Da'naxda'xw | Dzawada'enuxw | Gopinuxw | Gusgimukw | Gwa'sala | Gwatsinuxw | Gwawa'enuxw | Kwakwaka'wakw | Kwagu'ł | Kwikwasutinuxw | Ławitsis | Ma'a̱mtagila | Mamalilikala | Nak'waxda'xw | Namgis | Tłatłasikwala | Wiwekam | Wiweqayi | Ndau | Zulu | Heiltsuk
Alternate forms: Gwasilla, Gwawaenuk, K'omoks, Koskimo, Kwakiutl, Kwicksutaineuk, Laich-kwil-tach, Lekwiltok, Nakoaktok, Nakwoktak, Nimpkish, Quatsino, Tanakteuk, Tlowitsis, Tsawataineuk, Weiwaikai, Weiwaikum
Date: 1893-1951
Extent: Approx. 10,000 loose pages, 10 notebooks, 7000+ cards, 10+ maps
Description: The Kwakwaka'wakw materials in the ACLS collection are located predominantly in the "Kwakiutl" section of the finding aid, which contains a full listing of all materials (other relevant sections are "Northwest Coast", "Bella Bella (Heitsuk)", and item AfBnd.4 in "Non-American and non-linguistic material"). Some of the larger individual sets of materials listed within this section also have their own specific tables of contents (available upon request) detailing their often highly diverse contents. Overall, the vast majority of the material is made of of 1) manuscripts sent to Boas by George Hunt from the 1890s to the 1930s, frequently in both Kwak'wala and English, covering a very broad range of Kwakwaka'wakw history, culture, languages, customs, and traditions; and 2) field work materials recorded by Boas and Boas' own analyses of material sent by Hunt, covering a similar range of topics. Additional materials by other individuals focus especially on linguistic and ethnographic matters. Also see the "Kwakiutl materials, Franz Boas Papers," for information on the correspondence between Boas and Hunt, which gives additional context to the materials in the ACLS collection.
Collection: ACLS Collection (American Council of Learned Societies Committee on Native American Languages, American Philosophical Society) (Mss.497.3.B63c)

Kwakwaka'wakw | Ndau | Zulu
Language(s): Ndau | German | English | Zulu
Date: ca. 1920s
Extent: ca. 220 pages, 39 notebooks
Description: The Zulu material in the ACLS collection consists of brief references scattered throughout items AfBnd.3 and AfBnd.4, "Ndau lexica and ethnographic slips" and "Texts on Ndau culture" in the "Non-American and non-linguistic material" section of the finding aid. The extent and subjects of the Zulu material have not been fully evaluated, but they are believed to have come from Simango's knowledge, typically with reference to Ndau (Chindau).
Collection: ACLS Collection (American Council of Learned Societies Committee on Native American Languages, American Philosophical Society) (Mss.497.3.B63c)

Language(s): English
Date: Undated
Extent: 15 photographs
Description: The Zulu materials in the Frank G. Speck Papers consist of 15 photographs, which appear to be all, or nearly all, from published sources. These are found in the "Series III: Photos" section of Subcollection I. (Use "Ctrl + F" or "Commnd + F" keyword search for "Zulu" to locate these items in the collection guide quickly.)
Collection: Frank G. Speck Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.126)