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Alternate forms: Fox, Sac
Language(s): English | Meskwaki
Date: Undated
Contributor: Unknown
Subject: Linguistics
Extent: 27 pages
Description: This volume contains Sac [Sauk] and Fox words with their English equivalents. It likely dates to the nineteenth century. One of the more notable features of this collection is that it includes words for relatively recent inventions, such as the steam boat. A note inside the back cover states "C.S.F. to Mrs. S.," asking her to excuse the "erroz in Spelling They are not mind (sic.). written on the night of my return from a memorable Expedition."
Collection: A vocabulary of the most common words in use among the Sac & Fox Indians, n.d. (Mss.497.F11)

Language(s): Spanish
Date: 1785-1806?
Contributor: Unknown
Extent: 18 pages
Description: One of various items related to the Dupaix expeditions of 1806 (totaling four loose notebooks with 23 ink and pencil sketches of Mexican ruins and hieroglyphics featuring fragmented text, in Spanish, with images of construction and decoration on stonework, pottery and buildings of various native ruins of the Yucatan). This item, "Varios modas de pintar. Y por geroglificos en el fresco y al temple," is a brief discussion of coloring techniques with some mention of figures used.
Collection: Notes on Mexican Antiquities (Mss.913.72.N84)

Beta Israel
Language(s): English
Date: undated
Contributor: Unknown
Extent: 9 pages
Description: The sole Beta Israel manuscript in the ACLS papers is item 3, "Autobiography of a native of Dahomey, West Africa". It is an autobiographical account from a descendant of Beta Israel from Abomey-Calavi, Dahomey (now Benin).
Collection: ACLS Collection (American Council of Learned Societies Committee on Native American Languages, American Philosophical Society) (Mss.497.3.B63c)

Language(s): English
Date: January 8, 1740
Contributor: Unknown
Extent: 1 page
Description: Letter to Samuel Blunston. Mentions past expedition against Chickasaws; movement of French and Indians.
Collection: Selections from the correspondence of the Honourable James Logan, 1699-1750 (Mss.B.L82)

Anishinaabe | Odawa
Alternate forms: Ottawa
Language(s): French | Ottawa
Date: 1771
Contributor: Unknown
Extent: 1 volume, 174 pages
Description: This manuscript volume consists of a handwritten French-Ottawa dictionary compiled by an unknown author. It is apparently the first part of a larger work, as this volume consists of entries beginning with A through "epée." Many entries contain examples of usage of the Ottawa language word or additional definitions and examples based upon other phrases in which the French word may be used.
Collection: Dictionarioum Gallico Outaokum, interceptum Nov. 1771 (Mss.497.33.D564)

Alternate forms: Cuna, Kuna
Language(s): Spanish | Kuna, San Blas
Date: 1823
Contributor: Unknown
Extent: 8 pages
Description: "Palabras de la lengua Darien o Cunacuna," a vocabulary of 73 items, with 36 phrases and 20 numerals. Compiled by members of the Museum of Natural Sciences at Bogota from manuscript sources.
Collection: Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection (Mss.Ms.Coll.200)

Alternate forms: Kutchin, Loucheux, Tukudh
Language(s): English | Gwich'in
Date: Circa 1900
Contributor: Unknown
Extent: 24 pages
Description: "Tukudh Notes." Found in Radin papers, but not Radin's work, according to note of Mrs. Doris Radin. Includes 8 pages of vocabulary of 300 entries; ethnographic notes, apparently from published materials circa 1900. Possibly by a Church of England missionary such as Reverend Robert McDonald.
Collection: Paul Radin papers (Mss.497.3.R114)

Haudenosaunee | Oneida | Cayuga
Alternate forms: Iroquois, Six Nations
Language(s): English
Date: April 19, 1756
Contributor: Unknown
Extent: 10 pages
Description: "Substance of an occasional conversation with several Indians after dinner at Israel Pemberton's." Those present include Scarroyady (Oneida), Jonathan Konachtogo (a Cayuga), and other Indians; members of Pemberton family; and interpreters Conrad Weiser, Andrew Montour, and Daniel Claus.
Collection: Manuscripts on Indian affairs (Mss.970.4.M415)

Deg Xit'an | Yupik | Inuit | Iñupiat | Koyukon
Alternate forms: Anvik, Eskimo, Deg Hit'an,  Deg Hitan,  Degexit'an,  Kaiyuhkhotana, Ingalik (pej.), Iñupiaq
Date: 1976 and undated
Contributor: Unknown
Extent: 28 reels
Description: These texts, produced in the late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries, include dictionaries, vocabularies, grammars, and religious materials (hymns and sermons, etc. primarily Christian) of the Central Alaskan Yupik, Deg Xit'an (formerly known as Ingalik or Ingalit), Iñupiaq, and Koyukon languages. From originals on deposit by the Oregon Province Archives of the Society of Jesus at the Pacific Northwest Indian Center, Spokane, Washington. Guide book included.
Collection: Indian language collection: the Alaska native languages, 20th century (Mss.Film.1364)