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Haudenosaunee | Oneida | Cayuga
Alternate forms: Iroquois, Six Nations
Language(s): English
Date: April 19, 1756
Contributor: Unknown
Extent: 10 pages
Description: "Substance of an occasional conversation with several Indians after dinner at Israel Pemberton's." Those present include Scarroyady (Oneida), Jonathan Konachtogo (a Cayuga), and other Indians; members of Pemberton family; and interpreters Conrad Weiser, Andrew Montour, and Daniel Claus.
Collection: Manuscripts on Indian affairs (Mss.970.4.M415)

Cayuga | Cherokee | Haudenosaunee | Mohawk | Nanticoke | Oneida | Onondaga | Seneca | Tuscarora | Wyandot
Alternate forms: Iroquois, Wendat, Huron
Language(s): English | Mohawk
Date: 1900-1951
Extent: 1380 pages
Description: This manuscript is an alphabetical list of about 6200 Iroquoian names, collected over 5 decades by Charles Cooke (Thawennensere), a Mohawk scholar from Wahta. Each entry includes the name in its Mohawk rendering, with phonetic spelling, gender, tribe, location, date, and clan. The name is then analyzed by radicals, with historical information about its bearer (where relevant). Cross reference to variants and from English names of Indians. Preface by Cooke, edited by C. Marius Barbeau, classifies names and gives numbers and sex. This item has been fully digitized and can be viewed online. See also an accompanying audio collection (Mss.Rec.10), listed separately in this guide, in which Cooke reads the majority of the names.
Collection: Iroquois personal names (Mss.497.3.C772)

Alternate forms: Delaware
Language(s): English | Delaware
Date: 1985-1993
Contributor: Rementer, James
Extent: 144 pages
Description: These papers consist of letters from James A. Rementer to John Bierhorst (1990-1993) and Christmas letters (1985-1992) concerning Delaware language and culture. Christmas letters contain Delaware stories. A long-time student of Delaware history, language, and culture, Rementer was appointed by the Delaware Tribe of Indians to be the director of the Lenape Language Project in 1997 and continued to work in various tribal offices thereafter.
Collection: James A. Rementer papers (Mss.497.3.R281)

Language(s): English
Date: 1755-1763
Extent: 56 letters
Description: In sections 1 and 2. Correspondence during the Seven Years' War (1754-1763) regarding Indian attacks on the frontier and attempts to protect friendly Indians. One letter discusses the use of passports by friendly Indians. Mention of a "berserk soldier at Fort Allen behaves indecently among squaws."
Collection: Timothy Horsfield Papers (Mss.974.8.H78)

Seneca | Haudenosaunee
Alternate forms: Iroquois
Language(s): English
Date: circa 1800-1806
Extent: 2 items
Description: Materials composed by Pennsylvania Quaker missionary Halliday Jackson concerning his work with Native peoples at the turn of the nineteeth century. The first item is a manuscript dated to 1800 titled "Some account of my residence among the Indians," a continuation of another manuscript, concluding his account of a missionary stay at Tunessassa and Cornplanter's village, and his return to Pottsville, Pennsylvania, after an absence of 2 years and 2 months (Jackson departed for missionary work April 30, 1798), pages 1-30. There is also an account of a meeting between Senecas at Buffalo Creek with an Indian agent and a missionary from Massachusetts, pages 31-39; and Red Jacket's speech, May 1811, at Buffalo Creek, pages 40-43 [Donor, Elisa Schofield, 1912. See also Deardorff and Snyderman (1956): 589-592; Wallace (1952b).]. The second item is a journal dated to 1806 concerning business of the Society of Friends committee on Indian affairs, and the Indians in western Pennsylvania [Printed, Snyderman (1957)]. From originals held at the Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College. Some of these materials were printed under the title Civilization of the Indian Natives (Philadelphia, 1830) and described by George S. Snyderman, "Halliday Jackson's Journal of a Visit Paid to the Indians of New York (1806)," APS Proc. 101 (1957): 565.
Collection: Halliday Jackson journals, 1805-1806 (Mss.Film.631.631a)