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Atikamekw | Dene | Hopi | Makah | Inca | Yurok | Hupa | Yuki | Maidu | Miwok | Cahuilla | Mojave | Pomo | Chukchi | Kwakwaka'wakw | Nuu-chah-nulth | Séliš | Maya | Ktunaxa
Alternate forms: Athabaskan, Athapascan, Têtes-de-Boules, Têtes de Boules, Tete de Boule, Hoopa, Mohave, Kwakiutl, Nootka, Kutenai, Kootenai, Kootenay, Na:tini-xwe
Language(s): English
Date: 1920-1958
Description: Materials from a wide range of indigenous cultures around the world are scattered throughout Series V of the A. Irving Hallowell Papers. Hallowell was interested in comparative ethnology on a number of topics including Bear Ceremonialism, textiles, artistic representations of Native people, basketry, kinship, pre-history, the development of language, family and marriage, nets and netting, etc. Much of this material constitutes Hallowell's reading notes on secondary sources and his research for very broad-based studies of humanity. Geographic regions represented in Series V include Australia, Africa, Pacific Islands, Polar regions California, Northwest coast, Southwest, and Southeast. The correspondence, in Series I, includes a very interesting, brief description of Franz Boas' first visit to the Kwakwaka'wakw community of Fort Rupert by the daughter of George Hunt in a folder labled Ronald Rohmer. There is also a letter from Edward Sapir detailing Nuu-chah-nulth bear hunting and face painting as well as sketches of netting needles.
Collection: Alfred Irving Hallowell Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.26)

Achumawi | Chimariko | Cocopah | Esselen | Karuk | Piipaash | Mojave | Pomo | Salinan | Yana | Yavapai
Alternate forms: Cocopa, Karok, Mohave, Salinian, Maricopa
Date: circa 1970-1975
Genre: Notes | Drafts | Essays
Extent: 3 folders
Description: Materials relating to James M. Crawford's interest in and study of Hokan languages. Items include 2 folders on "Hokan and Siouan Words for Mouth" [1970-1971] in Series III-D. Works by Crawford--Other. Folder 1 contains a brief handwritten explanation of the research project, which revolved around the phonological sequence "ya" in words pertaining to the mouth; over 100 sheets of paper titled "Mouth," each containing lingustic examples for a different lists of languages considered, some with examples; a chart of Crawford's data, organized by language and with words (when available) for "mouth," "swallow," "be hungry," "chin," and "throat, neck,"; and miscellaneous notes. Folder 2 contains a first draft of the article, with endnotes and bibliography, dated to March 1970, and several subsequent drafts, including a clean copy. Draft pages are numbered but some appear to be out of order. Crawford culled examples from many languages outside of the Hokan and Siouan language families. See also related material in "The Phonological Sequence ya in Words Pertaining to the Mouth in Southeastern and Other Indian Languages" [1975] in the same series. There is also a folder of undated notes on Hokan Numerals in Series IV-D. Research Notes & Notebooks--Other, containing three slips and six sheets of linguistic data from languages including Yana, Achomawi, Esselen, Pomo, Karuk, Maricopa, Chimariko, Salinan, San Miguel, Cocopah, Yavapai, Havasupai, and Mojave languages.
Collection: James M. Crawford Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.66)

Alternate forms: Mohave
Language(s): Mojave | English
Date: 1904
Subject: Linguistics
Genre: Notes
Description: The Mohave materials in the Harvey Pitkin Papers consist of notes made by Alfred Kroeber, found in Subcollection I, series III-A.
Collection: Harvey Pitkin Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.78)

Alternate forms: Mohave
Language(s): English | Mojave
Date: Undated
Extent: 1 sound tape reel (46 min.)
Description: The Mohave material in James Crawford's "Recordings of Native American languages" collection consist of 1 reel-to-reel tape located in "Series 8: Mohave," which contains numerous song given by Frank Thomas, and a brief conversation.
Collection: James Crawford Recordings of Native American languages (Mss.Rec.184)

Inuit | Mojave
Alternate forms: Eskimo, Mohave
Language(s): English
Date: 1869-1898
Extent: 1 volume
Description: Dalton Dorr (1846-1901) was the curator, secretary, and director of the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art in Philadelphia, the forerunner of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, from 1880-1899. This item is a journal, written in 1897, copied from his notes and from memory, of travels in Greenland (1869), the Indian Territory, Colorado and the Pacific coast (1872-73), and Paris, England, Scotland, and Ireland (1882-85), with some sketches. He took the Greenland cruise with Isaac I. Hayes in 1869, which was described by Hayes in his "Land of Desolation" (New York: Harper, 1872). See also a companion volume titled "Under the midnight sun: a pleasure cruise in Greenland” containing prints taken during that cruise in the summer of 1869. "Notes of Travel" contains seventeen black and white engravings of landscapes, glaciers, birds, Inuit dwellings, camps, and group portraits from the Greenland cruise, and eight small pencil sketches, by Dorr, made along the Colorado River during his trip in 1872-73. These latter images include Arrowhead Mountain, Fort Yuma, and a Mohave man and dwelling. Locations visited on the Colorado include the Colorado River Reservation at Ehrenberg and the Fort Yuma Reservation. The section recounting his travels through Indian Territory (later Oklahoma) includes mentions of stops in Gibson, Muscogee, "Hell-Town," Perryville, Boggy Junction, Wolf's Junction (including description of a community of Black and mixed race people), Tishomingo, Harris's Station, Fort Anadarko, and Fort Sill.
Collection: Notes of travel made from memoranda in old diaries [1869-1885], 1897-1898 (Mss.B.D735)

Atakapa | Biloxi | Catawba | Cocopah | Kiliwa | Kumeyaay | Maidu | Mojave | Tutelo | Yavapai | Yuchi
Alternate forms: Cocopah, Diegueño, Kumeyaay, Mohave
Date: circa 1962-1964
Extent: 4 folders, 1 box
Description: Materials relating to James Crawford's interest in and study of Yavapai culture and the Havasupai-Walapai-Yavapai language. There are two folders of particular interest in Series IV-D. Research Notes & Notebooks--Other. The first is a folder labeled "Havasupai" [1962] containing 17 pages of words collected at the Grand Canyon from Lorenzo Sinyella (whose grandfather, Ole Man Sinyella, worked with Leslie Spier), recorded by Crawford, and including bits of information on a few other language consultants as well. The other folder is labeled "Yavapai Word List" and contains a word list collected by Crawford from Viola Jimulla at the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Reservation in 1962; several slips of paper, some including personal details of various language consultants, i.e., Charley Pattea (Yavapai), Kate Crozier (Walapai), etc.; several sheets of loose-page paper with more information on Yavapai, Cocopa, Mohave, Diegueño, etc. consultants and linguistics dated to 1963; and a word list collected from Warren Gazzam (Yavapai Western) in 1963. There is also a folder containing a typed copy, handwritten notes, and other materials (including homework exercises and a preliminary draft) relating to Crawford's "Proto-Yuman: Reconstructed from Cocopa, Diegueño, Maricopa, and Yavapai" [1964] in Series III-C. Works by Crawford--Yuman; a folder labeled "Comparison of Cocopa, Maricopa, Diegueño, and Yavapai" [1964?], containing handwritten charts comparing elements of those four languages and Kiliwa in Series IV-A. Research Notes and Notebooks--Cocopa; and "Possible Cognates to Yuchi in Siouan, Atakapa, Yava, Maidu, etc." [1971-1977], which contains 9 full sheets and 2 slips of handwritten notes comparing Yuchi, Biloxi, Ofo, Catawba, Atakapa, Maidu, Yava, Wocco, Tutelo, etc., in Series IV-B. Research Notes & Notebooks--Yuchi. Finally, there is one box of card-sized paper slips, Yavapai-English and English-Yavapai, with penciled notes, in Series V. Card Files. See related materials in Yuman entry for the Crawford Papers.
Collection: James M. Crawford Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.66)