Notes of travel made from memoranda in old diaries [1869-1885], 1897-1898

Mojave includes: Mohave, Aha Macav
Inuit includes: Inuk, Eskimo (pej.), ᐃᓄᐃᑦ
Bradford, William, 1823-1892 | Dorr, Dalton | Hayes, I. I. (Isaac Israel), 1832-1881
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Dalton Dorr (1846-1901) was the curator, secretary, and director of the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art in Philadelphia, the forerunner of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, from 1880-1899. This item is a journal, written in 1897, copied from his notes and from memory, of travels in Greenland (1869), the Indian Territory, Colorado and the Pacific coast (1872-73), and Paris, England, Scotland, and Ireland (1882-85), with some sketches. He took the Greenland cruise with Isaac I. Hayes in 1869, which was described by Hayes in his "Land of Desolation" (New York: Harper, 1872). See also a companion volume titled "Under the midnight sun: a pleasure cruise in Greenland” containing prints taken during that cruise in the summer of 1869. "Notes of Travel" contains seventeen black and white engravings of landscapes, glaciers, birds, Inuit dwellings, camps, and group portraits from the Greenland cruise, and eight small pencil sketches, by Dorr, made along the Colorado River during his trip in 1872-73. These latter images include Arrowhead Mountain, Fort Yuma, and a Mohave man and dwelling. Locations visited on the Colorado include the Colorado River Reservation at Ehrenberg and the Fort Yuma Reservation. The section recounting his travels through Indian Territory (later Oklahoma) includes mentions of stops in Gibson, Muscogee, "Hell-Town," Perryville, Boggy Junction, Wolf's Junction (including description of a community of Black and mixed race people), Tishomingo, Harris's Station, Fort Anadarko, and Fort Sill.
Notes of travel made from memoranda in old diaries [1869-1885], 1897-1898 Mss.B.D735