Hokan materials, James M. Crawford Papers

Piipaash includes: Maricopa
Salinan includes: Salinian, Te'po'ta'ahl
Mojave includes: Mohave, Aha Macav
Karuk includes: Karok
Cocopah includes: Cocopa, Kwapa, Kwii Capáy, Cucapá
Achumawi includes: Pit River, Achomawi, Ajumawi
English | Hokan | Achumawi | Esselen | Karuk | Piipaash | Chimariko | Salinan | Cocopa | Havasupai-Walapai-Yavapai | Mojave
circa 1970-1975
Crawford, James M. (James Mack), 1925-1989
Linguistics | Hokan languages | Siouan languages | California--History | Arizona--History
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3 folders
Materials relating to James M. Crawford's interest in and study of Hokan languages. Items include 2 folders on "Hokan and Siouan Words for Mouth" [1970-1971] in Series III-D. Works by Crawford--Other. Folder 1 contains a brief handwritten explanation of the research project, which revolved around the phonological sequence "ya" in words pertaining to the mouth; over 100 sheets of paper titled "Mouth," each containing lingustic examples for a different lists of languages considered, some with examples; a chart of Crawford's data, organized by language and with words (when available) for "mouth," "swallow," "be hungry," "chin," and "throat, neck,"; and miscellaneous notes. Folder 2 contains a first draft of the article, with endnotes and bibliography, dated to March 1970, and several subsequent drafts, including a clean copy. Draft pages are numbered but some appear to be out of order. Crawford culled examples from many languages outside of the Hokan and Siouan language families. See also related material in "The Phonological Sequence ya in Words Pertaining to the Mouth in Southeastern and Other Indian Languages" [1975] in the same series. There is also a folder of undated notes on Hokan Numerals in Series IV-D. Research Notes & Notebooks--Other, containing three slips and six sheets of linguistic data from languages including Yana, Achomawi, Esselen, Pomo, Karuk, Maricopa, Chimariko, Salinan, San Miguel, Cocopah, Yavapai, Havasupai, and Mojave languages.
James M. Crawford Papers Mss.Ms.Coll.66