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Lenape | Miami | Haudenosaunee | Wyandot
Alternate forms: Lenape, Iroquois, Six Nations
Language(s): English
Date: 1755-1759
Extent: 10 items
Description: Various items relating to Delaware-Pennsylvania relations in the 1750s including the first and second treaties at Easton; five council meetings held at Philadelphia; journal of Christian Frederick Post in his journey from Philadelphia to the Ohio; Charles Thompson's "An enquiry into the causes of the alienation of the Delaware and Shawanese"; and a letter from Sir William Johnson to James Abercrombie regarding his peace with the Delawares. Individuals mentioned include Teedyuscung, Conrad Weiser, Robert Hunter Morris, Governor Denny, Benjamin Franklin, Governor Morris, Richard Peters, Iagrea, Captain Newcastle, Barbet ("a Mohock"), John Pumpshire ("Jersey Indian"), Scarroyady, Andrew Montour, Daniel Claus, George Croghan, and Indian messengers Nathanial, Zacharias, and Christian.
Collection: Manuscripts on Indian affairs (Mss.970.4.M415)

Lenape | Haudenosaunee | Shawnee | Miami | Wyandot
Alternate forms: Lenape, Six Nations
Language(s): English
Date: 1758; 1830s; 1853
Extent: 3 items
Description: (1) Letter from Thomas Penn to Richard Peters. Original in copy book of Jared Sparks. Mentions advisability of James Logan ingratiating himself with Teedyuscung. (2) Letter from J. Francis Fisher to Jared Sparks. Original in Harvard College Library. Mentions his interest in deciphering Place names. The Historical Society of Pennsylvania is to invite other societies to pursue this topic. (3) Treaty with the Ohio Indians at Carlisle in October, 1753. Original in Sparks manuscripts, Harvard University. A brief account, apparently by Sparks. Scarroyady, Haudenosaunee, Owendaets (Wyandots), Delawares, Shawanese, Twigtwees (Miamis) treat with Richard Peters, Isaac Norris, and Benjamin Franklin.
Collection: Selected papers, [ca. 1819-1863], relating to Benjamin Franklin (Mss.B.Sp25)

Miami | Piankashaw | Wea | Illinois | Iowa | Meskwaki | Lenape
Alternate forms: Sac and Fox, Lenape
Language(s): English
Date: circa 1951
Extent: 14 folders; 1 box
Description: The Anthony F. C. Wallace Papers are a vast collection of materials relating to Wallace's work at the intersection of anthropology, psychology, and history. Though further research might yield more results, approximately 15 items directly pertaining to the related Algonquian peoples known as the Miami have been identified. Most of these materials are located in Series IX. Indian Claims, and relate to Wallace's work as a researcher and expert witness on behalf of Native American land claims. They include research note cards (located in Series III. Notecards), research notes and write-ups, court dockets, trial memoranda, copies of treaties, and tribal histories. There are also materials relating to the Wea and Piankashaw peoples of the Miami, including Michal Kane's bibliographic survey of Wea and Piankeshaw locations and the fur trade in Cession 151, her Wea notes, another folder of Wea notes, a folder of Piankashaw (Piankeshaw) notes, and two dockets that include the Piankasaw as claimants, along with the Delaware and Peoria (Illinois). Note that much of Wallace's material on the Miami also mentions the Illinois, Iowa, Sac and Fox (Meskwaki), and other neighboring peoples, and that there is a great deal of overlap in these entries. See the finding aid for a detailed discussion of Wallace's long and varied career, and for an itemized list of the collection's contents.
Collection: Anthony F. C. Wallace Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.64a)

Language(s): English
Date: October 9, 1711
Genre: Treaties
Extent: 2 pages
Description: Agreement of Christopher, Baron de Graffenried with the Tuscarora Indians and their Neighbors to be good friends. In wars between the English and the Indians the Baron's people to take no part and receive no harm. In cases of disagreement, complaints are to be made to the chiefest men. Freedom of Indian lands and hunting grounds.
Collection: Benjamin Franklin Papers (Mss.B.F85)