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Lenape | Haudenosaunee | Mohawk | Onondaga | Cherokee | Mohican | Unangan | Chibcha | Scaticook
Alternate forms: Iroquois, Six Nations, Schaghticoke, Aleut, Unangas
Language(s): English
Date: April 11, 1803; November 1, 1953
Extent: 2 items
Description: Item 1: Letter from Humboldt to William Smith asking for a copy of Barton (New Views of the Origin of the Tribes and Nations of America, 1797), and any other works pertaining to North and Middle American languages. Item 2: Witthoft's "Preliminary listing of resources in American Indian languages in the Archives of the Moravian Church." Includes eighteenth- and nineteenth-century materials described as "Algonquin, Delaware, Iroquois, Mohawk, Onondaga, Eskimo, Cherokee, Checameca, Mahican, and Scatticook". Compilers include Zeisberger, Pyrlaeus, Dencke, Heckewelder, Gambold, Ettwein, etc.
Collection: Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection (Mss.Ms.Coll.200)

Alternate forms: Scatticook, Schaghticoke
Language(s): English | Mahican
Date: 1903-1943
Extent: 3 folders
Description: Materials relating to Speck's study of the language, history, and culture of the Scaticook (Scatticook, aka Schaghticoke) people of southern New England. Items include Speck's 1903 Scaticook field notebook containing vocabulary, census, and reservation data, biographical notes, and traditions; Speck's miscellaneous Scaticook notes, comprised of a 1904 vocabulary, two letters from Chief Swimming Eel (1939 and 1940) concerning Indian social activities, and 1 broadside; and two letters from Frank Edward Smith, Jr., concerning his interest in Scatticook Indians and in captivity narratives.
Collection: Frank G. Speck Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.126)