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Unangan includes: Aleut, Unangas, Unangax̂, Алеу́ты, Унаӈан, Унаӈас
Scaticook includes: Scatticook, Schaghticoke
Onondaga includes: Onöñda'gega'
Mohawk includes: Kanienʼkehá꞉ka
Mohican includes: Mahican, Muhhekunneuw
Lenape includes: Lenni-Lenape, Delaware
Haudenosaunee includes: Iroquois, Onkwehonwe
Chibcha includes: Muysca, Muisca
April 11, 1803; November 1, 1953
Humboldt, Wilhelm von, 1767-1835 | Witthoft, John
Linguistics | Moravians | Missions | Pennsylvania--History
Correspondence | Reports
2 items
Item 1: Letter from Humboldt to William Smith asking for a copy of Barton (New Views of the Origin of the Tribes and Nations of America, 1797), and any other works pertaining to North and Middle American languages. Item 2: Witthoft's "Preliminary listing of resources in American Indian languages in the Archives of the Moravian Church." Includes eighteenth- and nineteenth-century materials described as "Algonquin, Delaware, Iroquois, Mohawk, Onondaga, Eskimo, Cherokee, Checameca, Mahican, and Scatticook". Compilers include Zeisberger, Pyrlaeus, Dencke, Heckewelder, Gambold, Ettwein, etc.
Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection Mss.Ms.Coll.200