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Achumawi | Atsugewi
Language(s): Achumawi | Atsugewi | English
Date: 1907, 1931-1935
Extent: 615 pages
Description: The Achumawi materials in the ACLS collection are primarily located in the "Achumawi" section of the finding aid, with some also in the "Atsugewi" section (specifically item H1a.2, "Parallel Achumawi and Atsugewi texts"). They include a word list from the Pit River area; autobiographies of Willard Carmony, an Achumawi speaker, whose stories refers to being sent to Fort Bidwell Indian Boarding School; linguistic analysis of Achumawi's relationship to the Hokan language family; conversational texts in the Achumawi language; free English translations; and grammars. Also included are notes on dialectical differences between Atwamdzini, Hammawi, and Adzumawi.
Collection: ACLS Collection (American Council of Learned Societies Committee on Native American Languages, American Philosophical Society) (Mss.497.3.B63c)

Alternate forms: Pit River
Language(s): English
Date: circa 1910s-1930s
Subject: Linguistics
Description: This collection contains the bulk of correspondence between Franz Boas and his professional colleagues, though there are also other Boas collections in the library. The correspondents listed above contain some correspondence related to the culture or language listed in this entry. In the finding aid listings for some of these correspondents, the individual letters pertaining to this culture or language will be identified by a subject heading, though for some correspondents this indexing has not yet been completed. Some letters may contain only brief mentions of work being conducted in relation to the topic. Some additional correspondences in this collection that have not yet been indexed may also contain additional material.
Collection: Franz Boas Papers (Mss.B.B61)

Alternate forms: Maidu
Language(s): English | Nisenan
Date: Circa 1930;
Genre: Grammars | Stories
Extent: 529 pages
Description: The Nisenan materials in the ACLS collection consist of two items in the "Maidu" section of the finding aid. One is a set of 71 "folkloristic texts" (item P2.1) recorded by Hans Uldall with interlinear translations and accompanying linguistic and ethnographic notes. (Some of this material is potentially culturally sensitive and may be restricted.) The second item is Uldall's "Maidu grammar" (item P2.2), which includes verb morphology, suffixes expressing concrete relations, anaphoric stems, verbal theme, grammatical processes, the verb, gender, and cases.
Collection: ACLS Collection (American Council of Learned Societies Committee on Native American Languages, American Philosophical Society) (Mss.497.3.B63c)

Language(s): English | Yuki
Date: 1932, 1917-1925
Subject: Linguistics
Extent: 8 pages; index cards (unknown quantity)
Description: There are two identified Yuki materials in the ACLS collection. In the "Yuki" section of the finding aid is a "Preliminary report on Yuki tones" (item Yk.1) by Hans Uldall, which includes a discussion of syllable structure, stems, and suffixes and of the behavior of tones with stems and suffixes, plus a list of stem forms. In the "Hokan" section of the finding aid, there are some additional Yuki terms of undetermined extent in the "Hokan-Siouan comparisons" lexical files (item H.3).
Collection: ACLS Collection (American Council of Learned Societies Committee on Native American Languages, American Philosophical Society) (Mss.497.3.B63c)

Language(s): Yuki | English
Date: 1900-1972
Extent: 7.25 linear feet, 1 hour (audio)
Description: The Yuki materials in the Harvey Pitkin Papers constitute an extensive body of original documentation and linguistic analysis of the Yuki language, a language isolate of northern California. These materials are located almost entirely in "Series II: Yuki materials." This section contains materials recorded and analyzed Pitkin, but predominantly contains stories and other primary text materials (some originals, some as photocopies) recorded and analyzed by other linguists, mainly Alfred Kroeber, as well as briefer materials by Fanggui Li, Hans Uldall, Harold Driver, J.P. Harrington, and Dell Hymes. This section is split in to four sub-series: "Research Notes," "Vocabularies and slip files," "Texts and manuscripts," "Phonetic tracings," and "Correspondence." Some of the Kroeber materials in this collection are photocopies of materials now at the California Language Archive. The only speaker clearly identified as sources are Ralph Moore of Round Valley, though some of the materials may contain other named speakers further within the documents or as initials. The collection also includes Kroeber's kymographs and palatograms of Ralph Moore's speech. Many of the listings contain partial contents descriptions such as titles of stories. Finally, "Series 7: Recordings," includes copies of two sets of recordings, one from 1931, and another from 1972.
Collection: Harvey Pitkin Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.78)