Miscellaneous items pertaining to the American Indian

Wyandot includes: Huron, Wendat, Wyandotte, Huron-Wyandot
Zuni includes: A:shiwi
Tuscarora includes: Ska:rù:rę'
Tutelo includes: Yesan
Seminole includes: Yat'siminoli
Seneca includes: Onöndowága
Onondaga includes: Onöñda'gega'
Oceti Sakowin includes: Očhéthi Šakówiŋ, Sioux
Ojibwe includes: Ojibwa, Chippewa, Ojibway
Sahtú includes: North Slavey
Meskwaki includes: Mesquakie, Musquakie, Sac, Sauk, Fox, Sac-and-Fox
Muscogee includes: Muskogee, Mvskoke, Muscogee Creek
Navajo includes: Diné, Navaho
Lenape includes: Lenni-Lenape, Delaware
Gwich'in includes: Kutchin, Loucheux, Tukudh
Haudenosaunee includes: Iroquois, Onkwehonwe
Inuit includes: Inuk, Eskimo (pej.), ᐃᓄᐃᑦ
Choctaw includes: Chahta
Apache includes: Inde
1939-1945; 1947-Circa 1961; 1951-1962;
Gillespie, John Douglas | Marriott, Alice, 1910-1992
Archaeology | Dance | Ethnography | Folklore | Linguistics | Medicine | Music | Rites and ceremonies
Text | Still Image
Grammars | Musical scores | Newspaper clippings | Photographs
Circa 350 volumes; 75 photographs; 75 newspaper clippings; 70 manuscripts
This collection pertains principally to the Cherokees of North Carolina and Oklahoma and to their language, ethnography, folklore, archeology, history, music, etc. Includes Indian studies and correspondence by Gillespie, notes on Indian dances and linguistics, bibliographies, publications of the Archaeological Society of Brigham Young University, and newspaper clippings. Also comprised of materials on: Apache, Calusa, Chippewa, Choctaw, Delaware, Eskimo, Fox, Haudenosaunee, Karankawa, Gwich'in, Mattaponi, Muskogee, Navajo, Onondaga, Sauk, Seminole, Seneca, Shawnee, Sioux, Slave, Timucua, Tuscarora, Tutelo, Wyandot, and Zuni. Contains: Gillespie, "A grammar of western dialect of Cherokee language of the Iroquoian family," 1949-1954 (131 pages); "Miscellaneous material on the Cherokee Indians and language"; "Miscellaneous items pertaining to the American Indian."
Miscellaneous items pertaining to the American Indian Mss.497.3.G41