Wintu materials, Harvey Pitkin Papers

Wintu includes: Northern Wintun
Takelma includes: Rogue River
Patwin includes: Southern Wintun
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Pitkin, Harvey | Curtin, Jeremiah, 1835-1906 | Dixon, Roland Burrage, 1875-1934 | Halpern, Abraham M. (Abraham Meyer), 1914-1985 | Kroeber, A. L. (Alfred Louis), 1876-1960 | Radin, Paul, 1883-1959 | Waterman, T. T. (Thomas Talbot), 1885-1936 | Haas, Mary R. (Mary Rosamond), 1910-1996 | Dixon, Carrie | Gatschet, Albert S. (Albert Samuel), 1832-1907 | Harrington, J. P. (John P.), 1865-1939 | Swadesh, Morris, 1909-1967 | Brown, Cecil H., 1944- | DeLancey, Scott Cameron
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The Wintu materials in the Harvey Pitkin Papers are extensive. Subcollection I, Series I, contains notes, notebooks, vocabularies, slip files, texts, manuscripts and phonetic tracings by Jeremiah Curtin in the late 19th century, Roland Dixon, and A.M. Halpern. Series I-B contains Pitkin's grammar slip files and vocabularies collected by Curtin. Series I-C includes Jaime de Angulo's manuscript on the Patwin language, S.A. Barrett's transcriptions and translations of speech and song recordings, Radin's "Grammatical Sketch" and Waterman's notes on Patwin phonetics. Series II-A is rich in materials collected by A.L. Krober. In Subcollection II, Pitkin's field notes are located in Series 2, Subseries 1. Subseries 2 includes Pitkin's extensive notes on his Wintu dictionary, grammar, texts, stories, and music. The manuscript of the dictionary is located in Subseries 3. There is an unpublished 416 page manuscript of stories written in both English and Wintu, songs, and transcriptions in Subseries 4. This section also includes copies of all the extant linguistic material with works by noted linguists such as Curtin, Albert Gatschet, Radin, Halpern, Morris Swadesh, Victor Golla, and J.P. Harrington. Series 6 is comprised of card file slips with comparative analyses by Pitkin of the four languages of the Wintun family.
Harvey Pitkin Papers Mss.Ms.Coll.78