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Language(s): English
Date: 1906
Subject: Linguistics
Extent: 2 letters
Description: There is currently two Galice-related letters identified in this collection, from Edward Sapir to Franz Boas in July 1906. An additional letter from December 17, 1907 referring to the Rogue River area may pertain to Galice matters as well. This collection contains the bulk of correspondence between Franz Boas and his professional colleagues, though there are also other Boas collections in the library. The correspondents listed above contain some correspondence related to the culture or language listed in this entry. In the finding aid listings for some of these correspondents, the individual letters pertaining to this culture or language will be identified by a subject heading, though for some correspondents this indexing has not yet been completed. Some letters may contain only brief mentions of work being conducted in relation to the topic. Some additional correspondences in this collection that have not yet been indexed may also contain additional material.
Collection: Franz Boas Papers (Mss.B.B61)

Dene | Galice
Alternate forms: Athabaskan, Athapascan
Language(s): English | Galice
Date: 1956, 1976
Extent: 18 pages
Description: Galice word and phrase list from a recording made with Galice speaker Hoxie Simmons at Siletz Reservation in 1956. (Original recording housed at the Survey of California and Other Indian Languages.) Handwritten on looseleaf, listing lexical items in phonemic transcription, with English glosses, e.g., dalbai. Lexicon includes nouns, pronouns, prepositions, adverbs, adjectives, as well as inflected forms of nouns ('my wife, your wife, his wife') and phrases (e.g., 'I shall see it', 'what are you doing?'). According to Kendall, nouns and verbs with person markers, but no complete paradigms. In "Series I: Correspondence," also see letter from Dorothy Hoijer to Whitfield Bell for brief info on the recording.
Collection: Harry Hoijer Collection (Mss.497.3.H68)

Apache, Chiricahua | Apache, Mescalero | Apache, Jicarilla | Dakelh | Galice | Hupa | Navajo | Tolowa | Tsetsaut | Tsuut'ina
Alternate forms: Carrier, Sarcee, Sarsi, Na:tini-xwe
Date: 1935; 1976
Subject: Linguistics
Extent: 2 folders
Description: Two letters in the "Series I: Correspondence" section. A letter from Edward Sapir to Harry Hoijer, dated November 2, 1935, includes comparative data on verb forms in Dakelh ("Carrier"), Hupa, Tsetsaut, with some info on Tsuut'ina ("Sarsi"). A second letter, from Dorothy Hoijer to Whitfield Bell, includes brief identifying information on Harry Hoijer's Galice, Chiricahua, Mescalero, and Jicarilla consultants, plus a note on "Navaho Texts."
Collection: Harry Hoijer Collection (Mss.497.3.H68)