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Huastec | Purépecha | Tarahumara | Otomi
Language(s): English | Spanish | French
Date: 1802-1899
Extent: 22 items
Description: Materials relating to the indigenous cultures and languages of Mexico. Includes requests to view or borrow materials at APS, particularly in the Poinsett Collection; introductions of scholars who wish to view Mexican materials to the Librarian or other appropriate official of the time (including John Vaughan and George Ord); solicitations for donations of Mexican materials, particularly from Joel R. Poinsett; donation of linguistic and other materials from Jose Joaquin de Ferrer;s relating to indigenous cultures and languages of Mexico, particularly Brinton's papers on Nagualism and on Fuegian languages [Brinton (1892) and Brinton (1894)], Valentini's manuscript on Mexican calendar stone, and linguistic work by Albert Gallatin; Mexican antiquities at other institutions such as the Academy of Natural Sciencies, Princeton, and the Peabody Museum; and Samuel Morton's offer to George Ord to exchange books for a Mexican skull he used for a plate in his Crania Americana (1839), and which he now wishes to add to his collection. Specific cultures or languages mentioned include Huastec, Otomi, Tarascan, Tarahumara, and Mexican. Individuals mentioned include Ephraim G. Squier, Bishop Anders, Mr. Frank, Professor Matile, Mr. Bagely, Thomas Sully, Jean-Frédéric Waldeck, and Lord Kingsborough.
Collection: American Philosophical Society Archives (APS.Archives)

Otomi | Purépecha
Language(s): French | Spanish
Date: July 1802; April 20, 1831
Extent: 2 items
Description: 1) Franck's letter to the President de la Societe Geographique [sic] a Paris concerning Mexican antiquities, particularly those in the American Philosophical Society. Mentions Poinsett, Humboldt, and Du Ponceau. 2) A fragment (only 5 items) of Ferrer's list of dictionaries and grammars of Mexican, Tarascan, and Otomi languages.
Collection: Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection (Mss.Ms.Coll.200)