Cherokee materials, Frank G. Speck Papers

Yuchi includes: Euchee
Seneca includes: Onöndowága
Lenape includes: Lenni-Lenape, Delaware
Catawba includes: Iswa
Choctaw includes: Chahta
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Speck, Frank G. (Frank Gouldsmith), 1881-1950 | Broom, Leonard | West Long, Will, 1870-1947 | Herzog, George, 1901-1983 | Pardo, Juan, active 16th century | Witapanóxwe | Boas, Franz, 1858-1942 | Hicks, Charles R. | Walser, Richard, 1908-1988
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Materials relating to Speck's study of Cherokee history and culture. This includes 24 pages of correspondence with Cherokee collaborators like Will West Long and Allen W. Long; 47 pages of field notes; notes and drafts relating to the preparation of Speck's manuscript on Cherokee music, dance, and drama; correspondence with colleagues such as George Herzog and Leonard Broom on Cherokee music, dance, and drama; correspondence with Franz Boas concerning copying of his Catawba texts and the Cherokee field work of Frans Olbrechts; correspondence with Will West Long about museum specimens; a biographical sketch of Will West Long; a postcard to Marian Godfrey regarding Cherokee Museum specimens; a letter to E. B. Norvell regarding silver trade goods and European imitations sold by the Cherokee; a bibliography of Cherokee sources, Publication 68650, listing 48 items, 1775-1922, prepared by the Department of the Interior, Office of Indian Affairs; a copy of a 1566-1567 letter (7 pages in English, with introduction by Speck) written by Juan Pardo relating early Spanish contact with the Cherokee; an account of the Cherokee and Delaware alliance given by Witapanóxwe (War Eagle and James Webber); a transcription of an 1818 letter written by Charles Hicks on the manners and customs of the Cherokees; correspondence about Cherokee basketry; correspondence regarding the accuracy of material in Robert Strange, Eoneguski, or the Cherokee Chief (1939); and 27 pages of miscellanous notes. Also includes 100+ photographs.
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