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Language(s): English
Date: 1977
Genre: Essays | Stories
Extent: 377 pages
Description: This item is a Xerox copy of "Indian Myths and Legends from the North Pacific Coast of America," collected by Franz Boas, and translated from the original German into English by Dietrich Bertz. The material was originally published in a volume titled Indianische Sagen von der Nord-Pacifischen Küste Amerikas (Berlin, 1895), which compiled Boas's earliest research in British Columbia, including 250 First Nations myths and legends (translated from what are now recognized as at least a dozen different indigenous languages) which had previously appeared in German periodicals between 1891 and 1895. The final chapter contains Boas's structural analysis of the stories. Bertz translated the text for the British Columbia Indian Language Project in 1977. This version also has a short introduction by Claude Lévi-Strauss.
Collection: Indian myths and legends from the North Pacific Coast of America (Mss.398.2.B631i.e)

Alternate forms: Shuswap, Interior Salish
Language(s): English | Secwepemc
Date: 1900-1928, 1974
Extent: 1000+ pages
Description: The Secwepemc materials in the ACLS collection consist of materials found in multiple sections of the finding aid. In the "Shuswap" section of the finding aid, there are vocabularies recorded by Boas and Teit which include names of tribes and other information. In the "Thompson" section, Teit's "Salish ethnographic materials" includes some Secwepemc notes, as does Teit's notebooks that make up "Field notes on Thompson and neighboring Salish languages." (The extent of Secwepemc material in these notebooks is undetermined as the material does not yet have a detailed contents listing.) In the "Chinook Jargon" section of the finding aid, "Indian legends of the North Pacific coast of North America" includes some Secwepemc legends. In the "Kutenai" section, there are some Secwepemc stories in Teit's "Folkloristic tales from the Salish area." In the "Lillooet" section, Teit's "Lillooet vocabulary" includes some comparative Secwepemc words. In the "Salish" section, Teit's "Salish ethnographic notes" includes information on Secwepemc artifacts sent to museums, and "Songs for the Salish area" includes notes on 80 songs (some of which are Secwepemc) recorded for and sent to the National Museum of Canada (now the Canadian Museum of History.)
Collection: ACLS Collection (American Council of Learned Societies Committee on Native American Languages, American Philosophical Society) (Mss.497.3.B63c)