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Language(s): Cherokee
Date: 1901-1904
Subject: Economics
Extent: 1 volume
Description: A ledger book written entirely in the Cherokee syllabary. In the original cataloging, it was described as a ledger book for a gadugi group. This description may be inaccurate, as it consists of entries indicating people putting money into a community fund or bank, who borrowed how much, collateral offered, etc. Clear indication of location where it was written is not given. Identification as "Cherokee Nation record book" may have been provided by Raymond Fogelson, who deposited it at APS in 1960, or by a cataloger.
Collection: Cherokee Nation record book (Mss.497.3.C41)

Language(s): English | Cherokee
Date: 1880-1932
Extent: 19 items
Description: The Frank Speck Cherokee Collection consists of diaries, accounts, and medicinal texts in Cherokee (syllabary) collected by Will West Long and Morgan Calhoun, accompanied by notes by Speck and John Witthoft. These include several diaries kept by Long (mostly 1904-1917), records of the Gadugi (a Cherokee mutual aid group), accounts, records of births and deaths at Big Cove, and material collected on Cherokee botany collected by James Mooney in 1887. Several of the items contain information on Cherokee medicine, including formulae and curing charms. Many of these items have been designated as culturally sensitive and may not be reproduced, nor photographed in the Reading Room.
Collection: Frank Gouldsmith Speck Cherokee Collection (Mss.572.97.Sp3L)