Chickasaw materials, Benjamin Franklin Papers

Choctaw includes: Chahta
1787; 1777
Sevier, John, 1745-1815
Warfare | Diplomacy | Trade | Wampum
2 items
Letter from John Sevier regarding Creek raids and a murder in Chickasaw territory. Second item titled "Talk from Indians to George Golphin, one of the commissioners of Indian affairs" in which the King of Talesy (probably the Creek town of Tálisi) speaks of trade with Pensacola; relations with Chickasaws and Choctaws. In a second speech the King of the Ocksuskeys (probably the Creek town of Okfuski) speaks of Cupitaws (possibly either the Creek town Kasíhta or Kawíta) and Ockjoys (probably Creek town Oktcháyi); describes a belt of wampum.
Benjamin Franklin Papers Mss.B.F85