Seminole materials, Samuel George Morton Papers

Seminole includes: Yat'siminoli
Abadie, Eugene Hilarian | Bachman, John, 1790-1874
Grave robbing | Human remains | Skulls | Phrenology | Anthropometry | Funeral rites and ceremonies | Mounds | Florida--History | Indian Removal, 1813-1903
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Letters discussing grave robbing of Indigenous ancestors' remains. Abadie (medical director for General Scott in forcing emigration) has two skulls of Seminole boys, one from tribe of Black Dirt, Hola-Te-Ematha and other from party led by John Cavallo (Cow-A-Gee). Describes Seminole burial practices. Has 3 female heads and 2 male heads from near Okee-Chobee, only 2 of 12 that were not "very offensive." Describes presumed Yemasee mounds. Talks of tuberculosis among the Indians. Treated wife of Cooper, daughter of King Paine, Seminole chief under the Spanish. Abadie follows up to see if skulls arrived, mentions cave near Fort Cap where he is sure there are flat-headed Indian skulls. Bachman has two skulls, one of which is to go to Edinburgh; both belong to Audubon. He will have them drawn if permissible. One skull is Ya-hadjo (Ma-hadjo?), a "grand rascal," other is that of famous chief (Mad Wolf) killed in Florida.
Samuel George Morton Papers Mss.B.M843