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Inca | Quechua
Language(s): Spanish
Date: 1780-1800
Extent: 26 items
Description: Items relating to the uprising of Túpac Amaru II (José Gabriel Condorcanqui) in the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru, 1781-1783. Bulk 1780-1783. Topics include the proclamation of Túpac Amaru II entitling himself Inca; the Siege of La Paz; Spanish efforts to relieve La Paz; the capture of Túpac Amaru II and his wife and family; the pardon and pension of Túpac Amaru II [as most sources indicate that he was executed in 1781, it is possible that he is here confused with others who took the name Túpac Amaru]; an affidavit given by former prisoners of Túpac Amaru II; an official copy of the sentence and execution of the indigenous leader Chabe Diego (Janos) Christoval Túpac Amaru and others; and the 1800 opinion of the Fiscal Villaba respecting the lenient and conciliatory measures to be adopted toward indigenous rebels as an alternative to persecution.
Collection: Collection of Peruvian manuscripts, 1790-1800, 1820 (Mss.980.P75)

Language(s): French | English
Date: 1762-1788
Extent: 7 items
Description: Materials include letters with French correspondents regarding Franklin's Remarks on the Savages, Cadet de Vaux's proposed essay on Indian corn, and Father Frederick's missionary work; a letter regarding Sir William Johnson and Indian affairs; an essay by an unknown auther objecting to backcountry settlement; and a declaration of a charitable trust established by the Earl of Dartmouth and Trustees in England of the Indian Charity School in Connecticut. Individuals mentioned include Samson Occom, Whittaker, John Wheelock, Sir William Johnson.
Collection: Benjamin Franklin Papers (Mss.B.F85)