Wasco-Wishram materials, ACLS collection

English | Wasco-Wishram
1890, 1905-1954, 1930
Dyk, Walter | Hymes, Dell H. | Sapir, Edward, 1884-1939 | Silverstein, Michael, 1945-2020
Linguistics | Oregon--History | Place names | Washington (State)--History
Correspondence | Vocabularies
2 notebooks, 49 loose pages, and approximately 22,000 slips
The Wasco-Wishram materials in the ACLS collection are in multiple sections of the finding aid. The largest single item is a multi-part lexical file of over 22,000 cards including vocabulary, paradigms, and other linguistic data, assembled from the work of Sapir, Dyk, and Hymes, in the "Wasco" section (item Pn4a.10). These appear to be copied from originals, the location of which is not known. The "Wishram" section contains several short files including on Wishram place names, Wishram directional elements, grammatical notes, and ethnographic notes. In the "Chinook" section, see Boas' "Field notes on Chinookan and Salishan languages and Gitamat, Molala, and Masset" (item Pn4b.5), notebooks 1 and 2 of which include Wasco texts and vocabulary recorded in 1890. "Field notes on Tillamook and Chinookan dialects" (item S4.1) also includes additional vocabularies and texts. The "Chinook" section may contain additional Wasco-Wishram materials not presently distinguished from other Chinookan language materials.
ACLS Collection (American Council of Learned Societies Committee on Native American Languages, American Philosophical Society) Mss.497.3.B63c