Lipan Apache materials, Harry Hoijer Collection

English | Apache, Lipan
Circa 1936-1939; 1975
Hoijer, Harry, 1904-1976 | Mendez, Lisandro | Zuazua, Augustina
Linguistics | Ethnography | Folklore | Texas--History | Education | California--History | Boarding schools
Notebooks | Field notes | Stories
3 items
Items relating to the study of the Lipan Apache language. These include three short Lipan texts (undated) in phonemic transcription, with English translations on separate pages for which Lisandro Mendez is credited as an informant; a notebook (circa 1936-1939) titled "Lipan Apache FIeld notes" containing texts ("At School" and "Further Schooling," one of which concerns the St. Boniface Industrial School in Banning, California) in Lipan Apache in phonemic transcription, with interlinear English glosses, and notes to the texts on facing pages; and a typed draft and offprint of Hoijer's resulting article, "The History and Customs of the Lipan, as told by Augustina Zuazua," published in the journal Linguistics 161 (1975): 5-38.
Harry Hoijer Collection Mss.497.3.H68