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Massachusett includes: Massachuseuk
Eliot, John, 1604-1690
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Ten letters from Protestant missionary John Eliot to natural philosopher Robert Boyle of the Royal Society for Improving Natural Knowledge about Eliots work among the so-called "praying Indians" of southern New England. Topics include the religious education of Native peoples; the estates, affairs, and habits of the "praying Indians" and the locations of their churches; the need for Bibles; Eliot's work translating the Bible and preparing a grammar of Indian printings of Bibles; Bibles, grammars, and other books being distributed to New England Indians; acknowledgement of gifts of money received and thanks for the same; French Indians; danger of attack by the Manquacq Indians [Minqua? Mi'kmaq?]; and the missionary work of Daniel Gookin. In the final letter (1688), conscious of his approaching death, Eliot would use £30 given him by Boyle many years ago for Gospel work to further the efforts of Daniel Gookin and John Cotton; also would like Gospel society to bear expense of printing and have Cotton revise other works Eliot has translated into the Indian language. Originals at the Royal Society of London.
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