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Inuit includes: Inuk, Eskimo (pej.), ᐃᓄᐃᑦ
Innu includes: Montagnais, Mountaineer
Curtis, Roger, Sir, 1746-1816
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Two items attributed to Sir Roger Curtis, an official of the British Royal Navy, from his time on the Labrador coast in the early 1770s: "Remarks upon the north coast of Labrador" (137 pages) and "An account of the Moravian mission upon the coast of Labrador in 1773" (15 pages). Some duplication. "Remarks" describes geography, the Esquimaux [Inuit] and their customs and physical type; compares them with the Montagnais [Innu]; and suggests sending an emissary who would live with them, learn their language, and persuade them of the friendship of the English so as to further trade and fisheries. Printed (in part), Curtis (1774). "An account" is one chapter of "Remarks," a brief account of the success of the mission in civilizing the Inuit, and the difficulties of converting them. Criticizes Inuit religious leaders who, using reason unaided by faith, ask difficult questions of the missionaries. Hopeful that mission activities will keep the Inuit from migrating and thus hurting trade. Mentions an Inuit woman who went to England. Proposes trip to far north.
Royal Society (Great Britain) miscellaneous correspondence and documents Mss.Film.460