Zapotec materials, Elsie Clews Parsons papers

Zapotec includes: Zapoteco, Zapoteca
English | Spanish | Zapotec, Mitla
Ficke, Arthur Davison, 1883-1945 | Merrill, E. D. | Parsons, Elsie Worthington Clews, 1874-1941 | Redfield, Robert
Folklore | Linguistics | Oaxaca (Mexico : State)--History | Religion | Rites and ceremonies | Social life and customs
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Correspondence | Drafts | Essays | Lectures | Negatives | Photographs | Reviews | Songs | Stories
6 notebooks, 183 photographs, 100+ negatives, 3 drawings
The Zapotec materials in the Elsie Clews Parsons papers consist of materials in multiple sections of the finding aid. In Subcollection I, Series I, "Correspondence," see "Mitla, Town of Souls" and Parsons' "Letters in re. Mitla, Town of the Souls." In Subcollection I, Series II, "Notes, manuscripts, etc." the final notebook in "No. 11 Taos notebooks" is predominantly in Spanish and concerns fieldwork in Oaxaca among the Zapotec and other groups. Item "No. 19. Mitla journals" contains notebooks from Oaxaca, primarily concerning Zapotec matters. Item "No. 28. Mitla songs and photographs (Oaxaca region)" includes 14 songs, 183 photos, ca. 100 negatives of Oaxaca; 3 drawings and an article on Zapotec words; letter from E. D. Merrill to Franz Boas, May 13, 1930. Item "No. 53" contains a Zapotec-related newspaper clipping. In Subcollection II, Series I, "Professional Correspondence," see correspondence with Robert Redfield. In Subcollection II, Series III, "Lectures and Manuscripts", see "Addresses - [On Mitla, Oaxaca]," "Mitla: Town of Souls - Correspondence," "Survivals of Indian Culture among Zapoteca-Speaking Mexicans," and "Zapoteca Serpents." In Subcollection II, Series IV, "Research Notes" see "Mexico - Notes" from 1931. Additional relevant material may appear in other notebooks labelled "Mexico" or in other correspondence.
Elsie Clews Parsons papers Mss.Ms.Coll.29