Biloxi materials, Mary R. Haas Papers

Biloxi includes: Tanêks, Tanêksa
Biloxi | Ofo | Tutelo | English | Spanish
1934-1994 (bulk: 1934, 1950s-1960s)
Haas, Mary R. (Mary Rosamond), 1910-1996 | Jackson, Emma | Dorsey, James Owen, 1848-1895 | Swanton, John Reed, 1873-1958
Field notes | Notebooks | Correspondence | Vocabularies
1.0 linear feet
Haas' Biloxi file is mostly derived from John R. Swanton and James Owen Dorsey's published dictionaries, and often appears alongside the other Ohio Valley Siouan/Southeastern Siouan languages Tutelo and Ofo. The most notable original Biloxi material in the collection is an elicitation from Emma Jackson made in the 1930s, with comparisons to the lexica found in Swanton and Dorsey's published dictionaries, found in “Field Notebook: Koasati, Alabama, Biloxi” in Series 2: “Multiple Languages”. Haas also made many comparisons to other neighboring languages in Series 9, under many headings, observed possible Spanish loanwords (Series 2 Subseries "Tunica"), and alluded to Biloxi and neighbors in later correspondence.
Mary R. Haas Papers Mss.Ms.Coll.94