Mandan-Hidatsa cultural change and language studies, Fort Berthold Reservation

Mandan includes: Nueta
Hidatsa includes: Hiratsa, Hiraac√°, Gros Ventre, Minnetaree
English | Hidatsa | Mandan
Bowers, Alfred W. | Driver, James | Newman, Sam
Folklore | Linguistics | North Dakota--History | Social life and customs
Sound recording
Conversations | Dictionaries | Elicitation sessions | Stories | Vocabularies
11 sound tape reels (87 hr., 26 min.) : DIGITIZED
This program consists of primarily of recordings converting Robert C. Hollow's Mandan dictionary into Hidatsa with the assistance of speaker James Driver. Most of the recordings consist of a Hidatsa word list elicited by the reading of English terms and phrases from the Mandan-English section of Robert C. Hollow's Mandan dictionary. The Mandan equivalents from the dictionary are infrequently given. Includes occasional discussion of context and usage of given words, as well as occasional comments on Hidatsa social life and customs. Also includes recordings analyzing the "Sacred Arrow Myth" that Bowers recorded with Sam Newman in Hidatsa in July 1932. James Driver also gives several narratives in Hidatsa on "Trip with Paul Ewald to family graves," "Data on tribal lands," "History of the Catholic Mission," and "Traveling to Minot," which in part concerns the Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919. (NOTE: This material has been digitized and can be accessed online for free by users not physically at the APS Library through a login and password. Please see our Audio Access Page for information on how to request these materials.)
Mandan-Hidatsa cultural change and language studies, Fort Berthold Reservation Mss.Rec.84