Algonquian materials, Alfred Irving Hallowell Papers

Wampanoag includes: Wôpanâak
Wolastoqiyik includes: Wəlastəkwewiyik, Malecite, Maliseet
Wabanaki includes: Wabenaki, Wobanaki
Passamaquoddy includes: Peskotomuhkati
Mashpee includes: Mattachiest, Cummaquid
Mi'kmaq includes: Micmac
Muscogee includes: Muskogee, Mvskoke, Muscogee Creek
Menominee includes: Menomini, Mamaceqtaw
Naskapi includes: ᓇᔅᑲᐱ, Iyiyiw, Skoffie
Lenape includes: Lenni-Lenape, Delaware
Innu includes: Montagnais, Mountaineer
Atikamekw includes: Têtes-de-Boules, Têtes de Boules, Tete de Boule
English | Abenaki, Eastern
Hallowell, A. Irving (Alfred Irving), 1892-1974
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The materials from Algonquian speaking cultures is quite extensive, though scattered, in the A. Irving Hallowell Papers. One of the strengths is Hallowell's very fine black and white portraits of indigenous peoples located in Series VI, Subseries F, which includes images of Mashpee, Mohegan, Montagnais, Naskapi, Womponowag, Nipissing, Atikamekw, Series V contains some generalized materials such "Algoquian Cross Cousin Marriage," Speck's studies of northern Algoquian hunting territories, and Algonquin mythology and history. The folders entitled "Eastern Woodlands" in box 26 contain more culturally specific materials such as a Penobscot vocabulary list, Innu and Naswkapi material culture, and Delaware religions and ceremonies, although many of these are quite brief. The correspondence, in Series I, includes a letter from John Swanton discussing bear ceremonialism in Muscogee culture. George Herzog's correspondence includes Penobscot and Maliseet scores of war dance songs. There is also a letter from Jeffrey Zelitch, dated 1969, describing traditional ceremonies on the Lakota Rosebud reservation just before the American Indian Movement begins. George Spindler's lettter to describes a Medicine Lodge ceremony among the Menomini.
Alfred Irving Hallowell Papers Mss.Ms.Coll.26