Onondaga materials, Frans M. Olbrechts papers

Onondaga includes: Onöñda'gega'
Haudenosaunee includes: Iroquois, Onkwehonwe
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Every, George V. | George, Lucenda | Olbrechts, Frans M., 1899-1958 | Williams, George | Zeisberger, David, 1721-1808
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The Onondaga materials in the Frans Olbrechts Papers consist of numerous items, primarily concentrated in "Series II: Onondaga." Noteworthy materials in this section include several voluminous notebooks (listed as items 2-4 in the series) containing Onondaga word and phrases lists and stories. For the notebooks that make up item 3, "Langauge and Grammar," pages 694-798 contain traditional names, with translations, organized according to clan and gender. Other items in this series include notes on midwinter ceremonies, as well as 3 boxes containing a lexical file of several thousand vocabulary slips derived from the content of the notebooks. In Series I, see Item "4: Handsome Lake materials," which includes several photograpsh of Onondaga people. Item 5, "Schoon Meer," includes one newspaper clipping on Chief Albert Schanandoah of the Onondaga, dated December 8, 1929. Item"6: Comparative relative pronouns," includes Onondaga vocabulary, as does item "10: Iroquoian languages lexical files." Finally, in Series III, see items 11 and 13.
Frans M. Olbrechts papers Mss.497.3.OL2