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Ojibwe includes: Ojibwa, Chippewa, Ojibway
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Belcourt, George Antoine, 1803-1874 | James, Edwin, 1797-1861 | Hoffman, Walter James, 1846-1899 | McKenney, Thomas Loraine, 1785-1859 | Du Ponceau, Peter Stephen, 1760-1844 | Henry, Joseph, 1797-1878
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Materials relating to Ojibwe language and culture at the American Philosophical Society. Topics include George Antoine Belcourt's French-Ojibwe dictionary, particularly plans for its the presentation of Belcourt's memoir by the Smithsonian; a recent fire at the Smithsonian requiring $200,000 in repair work; Edwin James' Chippewa New Testament and his desire to publish a Chippewa grammar under the auspices of the APS; Walter James Hoffman's work at White Earth, Minnesota, where observed the Grand Medicine (Medawin) dance in detail and collected pictographic records of same on birch bark; Thomas L. McKenney's donation of a manuscript of McKenney (1827), out of respect to John Vaughan and the APS. Other individuals mentioned include Stephen H. Long, Ferdinand V. Hayden, J. Peter Lesley, Pliny E. Chase, and Judge William C. Frazer (Superior County, Wisconsin Territory).
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