Arawak manuscripts

Lokono includes: Arawak
German | Latin | Arawak
Schultz, Theodor
Astronomy | Guyana--History | Linguistics | Moravians | Suriname--History
Dictionaries | Notebooks | Vocabularies
2 volumes, 795 p.
Theodor Schultz was a Moravian missionary in British Guiana at the turn of the nineteenth century. This collection contains two items: "Aruwakkisch Deucthes Wörterbuch," a dictionary with German equivalents and examples, as well as alphabetical Arawak index, and "Grammatische Sätze von der Aruwakkischen Sprache," a grammatical treatise based upon a Latin model, with Latin terms used throughout, though most of the text is German.
Arawak manuscripts Mss.498.3.Sch8