Haida carvers in argillite

Tsimshian includes: Ts'msyan, Ts'msyen, Zimshian
Nisga'a includes: Nass, Nisgha, Nishga, Nishka, Niska, Nisqa'a
Haida includes: X̱aayda, X̱aadas, X̱aad, X̱aat
Barbeau, Marius, 1883-1969 | Beynon, William, 1888-1958
British Columbia--History | Carving | Ethnography | Medicine | Material culture
Essays | Stories
1 volume
A work intended as a sequel to Barbeau (1953) Haida myths. In addition to discussing Skidegate and Masset carvers and their work, the author presents material on carvers as medicine men, material on shamanism and witchcraft, classification of the subjects of statuettes (chiefs and illustration of myths). An appendix includes myths recorded by William Beynon among the Skidegate, Tsimshian, and Nisga'a, from 1952-1954.
Haida carvers in argillite Mss.970.6.B23h