Tepecano materials, John Alden Mason Papers

Huichol includes: Wix√°ritari
Cora includes: Na√°yarite
Akimel O'odham includes: Pima
English | Spanish | Tepecano
1911-1913 and undated
Mason, John Alden, 1885-1967
Linguistics | Anthropology | Ethnography | Archaeology | Uto-Aztecan languages | Folklore | Rites and ceremonies | Religion
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7 items; photographs
Materials relating to John Alden Mason's interest in and research on Tepecano language and culture. Items include 8 notebooks of field notes (1912-1913), containing a list of specimens purchased, texts, and notes on the language, ethnology, and archaeology, etc.; Mason's Preliminary Report as Fellow to the Escuela Internacional de Etnologia y Arqueologia Americanas (1912-1913), on continued investigations in linguistics, religion, ethnology, and mythology of the Tepecanos and in the archaeology of their region; Mason's Tepecano linguistic file, comprised of about 1000 cards with Tepecano words and sentences, with Spanish translations for most and English translations for some; Mason's "A Sketch of Tepecano Religion," which includes some comparison with religious beliefs of Huichols and Coras; a Tepecano Rain Festival Song, musical score with Tepecano lyrics; 6 pages of Tepecano verbal roots with English glosses; and Mason's miscellaneous notes on Tepecano regarding ethnology, linguistics, religion, Piman [Akimel O'odham] comparisons, etc., and including prayers with interlinear English translation (with note "work done for Boas").
John Alden Mason Papers Mss.B.M384