Miscellaneous materials, John Wesley Powell correspondence and diary, 1871-1907

Haudenosaunee includes: Iroquois, Onkwehonwe
Pilling, James Constantine, 1846-1895 | Powell, John Wesley, 1834-1902
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Correspondence from John Wesley Powell and James Constantine Pilling regarding various professional and research matters. Includes a letter from Powell to Frederick W. Putnam, wanting his collections to display in the Smithsonian (1878); a letter from Pilling to Henry W. Longfellow concerning the exact title of the first edition of Hiawatha for a bibliography of Indian linguistics (1879); letters from Pilling to to S. E. Howell concerning Indian studies and headquarters at Smithsonian (1879); a letter from Powell to G. Frederick Wright (1899); and a letter from Powell to Paul Carus concerning his plan for a book on Native American religions (1901). Originals of letters to Putnam, Longfellow, and Howell are in the Records of the Geological Survey, Rocky Mountain Survey, U.S. National Archives. Originals of letters to Wright and Carus are at the Bureau of American Ethnology, John Wesley Powell letters sent, 1897-1902.
John Wesley Powell correspondence and diary, 1871-1907 Mss.Film.736.1