Onondaga materials, Floyd G. Lounsbury Papers

Onondaga includes: Onöñda'gega'
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1834-1888; 1938-1978
Zeisberger, David, 1721-1808 | Lounsbury, Floyd Glenn | Fenton, William N., (William Nelson), 1908-2005 | Barbeau, Marius, 1883-1969 | Skye, Howard | Shea, John Gilmary, 1824-1892 | Richards, Cara Elizabeth, 1927- | Woodbury, Hanni | Einhorn, Arthur (Skaroniate) | Kenohenyo, Nora Carrier | Lukoff, Fred | Thomas, George | Blau, Harold, 1935- | Foster, Michael K.
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The Onondaga materials in the Lounsbury collection include a French-Onondaga from 1860 in Series II. There are numerous audio recordings including that of a Condolence Ceremony and the Feast of the White Dog (Guy-wee-oo) in Series VII. (These recordings are restricted due to cultural sensitivity.) The correspondence, in Series I, includes Harold Blau's mention of a recording in Onondaga of part of Handsome Lake's code, William Fenton's work with Howard Sky on the Goldenweiser version of the Great Law of Peace in Onondaga, Michael Foster's description of collecting versions of the Thanksgiving Address in Onondaga, Cara Richards on Onondaga recordings.
Floyd G. Lounsbury Papers Mss.Ms.Coll.95