Shoshone materials, C. F. Voegelin Papers

Shoshone includes: Shoshoni, Newe
English | Shoshoni
1950-1954 and undated
Voegelin, C. F. (Charles Frederick), 1906-1986 | Miller, Wick R. | Swadesh, Morris, 1909-1967
Linguistics | Anthropology | Uto-Aztecan languages
Correspondence | Maps | Notes | Essays
3 folders
Three items relating to Shoshone language and culture have been identified in the C. F. Voegelin Papers. They are all in Subcollection II, and consist of correspondence with Morris Swadesh (regarding Shoshoni, "Shoshonean" languages, and Uto-Aztecan in general) in Series I. Correspondence; a folder containing a "Shoshone dialect and informant distribution map" in Series II. Research Notes, Subseries IX. Uto-Aztecan, except Hopi; and Wick R. Miller's "Western Shoshoni Speech Communities" in Series IV. Works by Others. Researchers might also be interested in the general Uto-Aztecan entry for the Voegelin Papers.
C. F. Voegelin Papers Mss.Ms.Coll.68