South American materials, James V. Neel Papers

Xavante includes: Akuen
Wapishana includes: Wapichan
Wayana includes: Uaiana
Yanomami includes: Yąnomamö, Yanomama
Ye'kuana includes: Maquiritari, So'to, Yecuana
Ticuna includes: Tucuna, Magüta
Tiriyó includes: Trio
Piaroa includes: De'arua, Wothuha
Kanamari includes: Canamari
Kayapo includes: Caiapó, Cayapo, Mebêngôkre
Kraho includes: Craho, Craó, Krahô
Macushi includes: Macuxi, Macusi, Teueia, Teweya
Kaingang includes: Caingangue, Kanhgág
Aymara includes: Aimara
Ayoreo includes: Ayoreode
Baniwa includes: Curipaco, Vaniva, Walimanai, Wakuenai
Chagnon, Napoleon A., 1938- | Neel, James V., (James Van Gundia), 1915-2000
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The South American materials in the James V. Neel papers consists materials related to Neel's genetics and populations studies among some indigenous people in Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana. The bulk of these materials concern the Xavante and Yanomami peoples, written as "Yanomamo" by Neel. These materials can be found throughout most sections of the finding aid, though see especially "Series IIa: Amerindian" and "Series IIIa: Amerindian." In addition to data, reports, correspondence, and other manuscripts, "Series X: Photographic materials" contains numerous photographs of Xavante and Yanomami peoples from the 1960s. Materials on other indigenous groups can be located by searching within the finding aid for the culture terms listed above in the entry or by searching for the term "Indians."
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