Benjamin Smith Barton journals; notebooks

Wyandot includes: Huron, Wendat, Wyandotte, Huron-Wyandot
Seneca includes: Onöndowága
Susquehannock includes: Conestoga
Ojibwe includes: Ojibwa, Chippewa, Ojibway
Mandan includes: Nueta
Lenape includes: Lenni-Lenape, Delaware
Cayuga includes: Gayogohó:no
Cayuga | English
Barton, Benjamin Smith, 1766-1815
Archaeology | Geography | Treaties | Warfare | Graves
0.5 Linear feet, 2 boxes; 2 volumes
A manuscript compiled from originals in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania by William L. McAtee. Concerns murder of John Armstrong by Indians; mentions Canestogae tribe, Cayahoga path, Cheerake, Chickasaw, Colonel Cresap; tuberculosis among Indians; Delawares; eloquence; Indian barrows, fortifications, and graves; Kash kask kunck; Mandan; Seneca, Six Nations (Haudenosaunee), and Captain White Eyes. Also Crave Creek mound; Wyandot, Indian sugar camp; war customs and war party; treaty of December 1784 at Fort McIntosh with Chippewa and Wyandots; Indian burning; Indian diseases. Teedyuscung; Penn's treaty with the Delaware (1682 and 1702); meaning of "Geneseo"; Seneca battle with Koghquangians (Caughnawaga); Chickasaw; specimen of a Cayuga vocabulary with same list as that used in Barton (1797).
Benjamin Smith Barton journals; notebooks Mss.B.B284.1