Ellen Lehman Native American Photograph Collection

Crow includes: Apsáalooke, Absaroka
Dakota includes: Dakȟóta
Apache includes: Inde
Apache, Chiricahua includes: Nde
Circa 1880-1900
American Horse, Dakota chief, 1840-1908 | Bailey, Dix | Barry, D. F. (David Francis), 1854-1934 | Crow King, d. 1884 | Fly, C. S., (Camillus Sidney), 1849-1901 | Gall, Dakota chief, 1840-1894 | George, Abraham | Geronimo, 1829-1909 | Goff, O. S. (Orlando Scott), 1843-1916 | Goose, ca. 1836-1916 | Grass, John, 1837?-1918 | Irwin, William E., 1871-1935 | One Bull, 1853-1947 | Rain in the Face, ca. 1835-1905 | Scott, George W., 1854-1910 | Sitting Bull, 1831-1890 | Spotted Tail, Brule Sioux Chief, 1823-1881 | Stephan, A. E. | White Bull, Joseph, 1849-1947 | Crow
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19 photographs
The Ellen Lehman Native American Photograph Collection consists of 19 albumen prints of late nineteenth-century Native American leaders on cabinet cards. The bulk of the images date from the 1880s and portray important members of the Dakota Indian tribes, many of whom fought against the 7th Cavalry of the U.S. Army at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876. Among the leaders depicted are: Sitting Bull, Gall, Rain in the Face, Crow King, and White Bull. The collection also includes two images of Geronimo, the Bedonkohe Apache leader who resisted Mexican and American expansion in the Southwest in the latter half of the nineteenth century. The majority of the photographs in the collection were taken by David Francis Barry, with Orlando Scott Goff and George W. Scott also contributing.
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