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Du Ponceau, Peter Stephen, 1760-1844 | Townsend, John Kirk, 1809-1851 | Morton, Samuel George, 1799-1851
Linguistics | Expeditions | United States Exploring Expedition (1838-1842)
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Materials relating to Northwest Coast languages and cultures at the American Philosophical Society. Topics include APS support for John Kirk Townsend's expedition [to Oregon, with botonist Thomas Nuttall, the second western expedition of Boston entrepreneur Nathaniel J. Jarvis]; Captain Swift's [of Boston] observations of indigenous peoples of the Northwest Coast; Lieutenant Sylvanus W. Godon's return from U.S. exploring expedition aboard the Peacock, a gift of vocabularies, and the gift of Northwest Coast Indian pipe to John Vaughan; a draft letter to Samuel G. Morton signed by Titian Peale regarding the division of materials from Townsend's expedition between American Philosophical Society and Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; a letter from Morton stating that the Academy of Natural Sciences didn't subscribe to Townsend's expedition and consequently has no claim on his collections; and Townsend's letter to John Vaughan transmitting Northwest Coast Indian vocabularies--the originals have been given to the APS and have also been rearranged and transcribed for Du Ponceau, and Nuttall has a copy of four or five vocabularies. Geological specimens and shells selected by Titian R. Peale also transmitted.
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