K'ómoks materials, ACLS collection

Pentlatch includes: Puntlatch, Puntledge
K'ómoks includes: Comox
Kwakwaka'wakw includes: Kwakiutl
Comox | English | German | Pentlatch
Circa 1888, Circa 1890, 1900, Circa 1910, 1934
Boas, Franz, 1858-1942
British Columbia--History | Linguistics | Place names
Maps | Stories | Vocabularies
201 pages, 2 maps
The K'ómoks materials in the ACLS collection consist of several items relating to the Island Comox dialect, located in multiple sections of the finding aid. The primary material is in the "Comox" section of the finding aid, where there are two items recorded by Franz Boas. From 1890, there is "Comox-Satlolk materials" (item S2j.2) in German and English with Comox vocabulary and text with interlinear German translation, along with Satlolk-English vocabulary. "Comox and Pentlatch texts" (item S2j.1) contains texts with interlinear translations, most typed up from earlier fieldwork. In the "Pentlatch" section, "Pentlatch materials" (item S2j.3) contains 1 page of miscellaneous Island Comox sentences. In the "Salish" section, "Comparative vocabularies of eight Salishan languages" (S.1) includes Comox vocabulary derived from fieldwork and compared with other Salish languages. Finally, in the "Kwakiutl" section of the finding aid, "Maps of Vancouver Island and mainland, with Kwakiutl place names" (item W1a.11) includes some maps with Comox place names. "Kwakiutl ethnographic materials" (item 31) includes small amounts of occasional reference to Comox matters pertaining to their relations with the southern Kwakwaka'wakw tribes. See also "Squamish vocabulary," circa 1888, (item S2h.1,) which includes a comparative vocabulary for numbers in multiple Coast Salish languages.
ACLS Collection (American Council of Learned Societies Committee on Native American Languages, American Philosophical Society) Mss.497.3.B63c