Iowa materials, ACLS collection

Otoe includes: Oto, Jiwére
Iowa includes: Ioway, Báxoje, Bah-Kho-Je
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1,000+ pages, 18 photographs, 4,000 cards, 75 bluebooks (4-8 pages each)
The Iowa materials in the ACLS collection consist primarily of materials collected by Gordon Marsh in the late 1930s, all located in the "Iowa" section of the finding aid. Marsh's materials (item X4a.2, "Materials for a study of the Iowa Indian language"), recorded with the assistance of Iowa speakers, especially Robert Small and Julia Small, include numerous texts on a variety of subjects, which are in the manuscripts in both initial handwritten form (in bluebooks) and in later typescript form, with both interlinear translations and free translations, of which some of the latter were made by Robert Small. This material is divided into 22 parts. This material also includes a draft version of a grammar of the Iowa extensive lexical files including Iowa-English, English-Iowa, and comparisons to related languages (Osage, Dakota, Lakota, Omaha-Ponca, Kansa, and Ho-chunk); and other linguistic notes, with related correspondence. There are also 18 photographs of Iowa people with whom Marsh worked. In this same section, there is also a brief descriptive grammar by William Whitman (item X4a.1) based on field work with an Iowa speaker and an Oto speaker.
ACLS Collection (American Council of Learned Societies Committee on Native American Languages, American Philosophical Society) Mss.497.3.B63c