Navajo materials, Harry Hoijer Collection

Navajo includes: Diné, Navaho
English | Navajo
1926-1956; undated
Hoijer, Harry, 1904-1976 | Sapir, Edward, 1884-1939 | Sandoval, Chic
Linguistics | Ethnography | Folklore | Music | Arizona--History
Notebooks | Dialogues | Songs | Chants | Stories | Transcriptions
7 items
Various materials relating to the study of Navajo language, including 11 notebooks of Navajo songs; 5 notebooks on the Navajo Night Chant in phonetic transcription, with notes in English on language and ceremony; Navajo conversations; Navajo stories; manuscript of Hoijer's Navajo lexicon published in the University of California Publications in Linguistics series (no. 78, 1974); notes on various aspects of Navajo grammar and phonology, with comparisons with other Athapascan languages and reconstructions for Proto-Athapascan; and notes and letters regarding Chic Sandoval's fieldwork on Navajo. Some materials may be restricted to due potential cultural sensitivity, and are noted as such in the guide to the collection.
Harry Hoijer Collection Mss.497.3.H68