Mixtec materials, Paul Radin papers

Mixtec includes: Mixteco, Ñuù savi
Spanish | Mixtec, Atatláhuca | Mixtec, Apasco-Apoala | Mixtec, Tidaá | Mixtec, Jamiltepec | Mixtec, Juxtlahuaca | Mixtec, Southeastern Nochixtlán | Mixtec, Tacahua
Radin, Paul, 1883-1959
Folklore | Linguistics | Oaxaca (Mexico : State)--History
Stories | Vocabularies
Approx. 150 pages; 300 word slips
Consists primarily of loose field notebooks pages containing interlinear texts, word lists, and gramamtical anaylsis, located in Series VIII. Many pages include identification of towns or districts in Oaxaca associated with the text. Current identification of languages based upon place names noted. Also includes lexicon based on field work in 1912-1913, and upon Belmar as well as quotations from Pimental and Penafiel in Mechling. Comparative vocabulary documents include Sawatlan, Tecomixtlahuaca, Yolotepec) comparative vocabulary; San Esteban Atatlahuaca vocabulary
Paul Radin papers Mss.497.3.R114