French Indians materials, Timothy Horsfield Papers

August 19, 1756; October 29, 1755; December 14, 1755
Morgan, Jacob, 1716-1792 | Morris, Robert Hunter, approximately 1700-1764 | Shippen, Edward, 1729-1806
Pennsylvania--History | Policy | Warfare
3 letters
In sections 2:281, 1:31, 1: 93-94. Fort Granville was taken by 400 French and Indians. Inquires about Indian policy. 500 Indians and French seen near Carlisle. Expresses regret at the outrages of the Indians; also hopes Horsfield will continue to act for the public. After Braddock's defeat finds Pennsylvania not well prepared for a "warr" with the Indians. Identity of "Indians" described has not been verified.
Timothy Horsfield Papers Mss.974.8.H78