William Beynon Papers

Tsimshian includes: Ts'msyan, Ts'msyen, Zimshian
Nisga'a includes: Nass, Nisgha, Nishga, Nishka, Niska, Nisqa'a
Kwakwaka'wakw includes: Kwakiutl
Gitxsan includes: Gitksan
Tsimshian | English
1933-1937; 1933-1969
Beynon, William, 1888-1958 | Boas, Franz, 1858-1942 | Deloria, Ella Cara | Goldman, Irving, 1911-2002 | Tate, Henry W.
Ethnography | Folklore | Linguistics | British Columbia--History
Correspondence | Stories
0.5 Linear feet
The William Beynon Papers include correspondence with Franz Boas regarding his work on Tsimshian narratives, Boas' collection of the tale of Dzagagilace in 1888 and 1900, Benyon's work on a series of Hartley Bay stories and the Halait manuscript, Benyon's proposed work with Gitxsan. Beyon's texts include his work with the Tsimshian collecting stories such as the arrival of the first white man, the myth of the house of Temks, subdivisions within the Tsimsyen, most all interlinear translations. The collection also includes two manuscripts previously collected by Henry W. Tate and a manuscript by Irving Goldman discussing Boas' ethographic work on the Kwakwaka'wakw.
William Beynon Papers Mss.B.B467