Haudenosaunee materials, Edward Shippen letters and papers

Haudenosaunee includes: Iroquois, Onkwehonwe
Shippen, Joseph, 1706-1793
Diplomacy | Treaties
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Three letters from Joseph Shippen to (1) David Jameson regarding boundary provisions in Haudenosaunee treaty of 1765 and reservation at Forks of Susquehannah lands for Indians. (2) William Mackay regarding boundary with the Haudenosaunee established in 1765 and in forthcoming meeting, Forks of Susquehanna land reserved by the Indians. (3) Richard N. Williams regarding letter carried by David Zeisberger, who comes with 11 Indians of Haudenosaunee and Nanticokes seeking to bring members of their tribes north from Maryland. Will Williams (Newcastle, Delaware) aid them?
Edward Shippen letters and papers Mss.B.Sh62