Bibliography, of the Walam Olum

Lenape includes: Lenni-Lenape, Delaware
Weer, Paul | Rafinesque, C. S. (Constantine Samuel), 1783-1840 | Squier, E. G. (Ephraim George), 1821-1888 | Brinton, Daniel G. (Daniel Garrison), 1837-1899
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This bibliography is a guide to writings about a chronicle of the Lenape, first studied by Constantine S. Rafinesque, and subsequently by Ephraim G. Squier and Daniel G. Brinton. It is divided into four sections: Rafinesque, with four sources on the man; Walam Olum, listing all known Anthropological Studies; and References, to the Walam Olum. [Note that the Walam Olum has since been discredited as a fraud perpetuated by Rafinesque. See, for instance, David M. Oestreicher, "Unmasking the Walam Olum: A 19th-Century Hoax," Archaeological Society of New Jersey, Bulletin, no. 49 (1994, 1-44); and Oestreicher, "Unraveling the Walam Olum," Natural History, October 1996, 14-21.] From original loaned by Paul A. W. Wallace, 1952.
Bibliography, of the Walam Olum Mss.Film.585